Pirate Wall Art, Murals, Stickers, & Pirate Wall Decor

Aarrghh!!! Pirate-themed kids rooms have been around since before the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but with Captain Jack Sparrow they sure become a lot more interesting! Shop this vast selection of boys pirate wall decor, peel & stick window accents, canvas treasure map pirate artwork and more. No pirate room is complete until the walls come alive with ships, treasure chests, and jolly roger flags!

Pirate by Drooz Studio

Pirate by Drooz Studio ($129)
Pirate Growth Chart

Pirate Growth Chart ($54)
Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship ($139)
Pirate Adventurer

Pirate Adventurer ($126)
Pirate Map Mural

Pirate Map Mural ($157)