Fun To See Jungle Complete Room Kit

Fun To See Jungle Complete Room Kit - Kids Wall Decor Store

From Fun To See is this amazing complete room package!

What’s that rumbling in the jungle?

Bring a room to life with 54 amazing peel and stick room decorations!

Easy, quick and fun Includes jungle tree height chart.

Washable Removable and re-stickable The perfect alternative to a hand painted mural!

# Laurence, the Lion (26.4"w)

# Flora, the Flamingo (18.9"h)

# Zenanna, the Giraffe (22.8"h)

# Chumper, the Elephant (24.4"w)

# Zephyr, the Tiger (28"w)

# Schnapper, the Crocodile (17.3"w)

# YoYo, the Cheeky Monkey (18.1"w)

# Sage, the Wise Old Tortoise (13"w)

# Slinky, the Snake on Jungle Tree (70.1"h)

# Croak, the Frog

# 6 Giant Leaves

# 4 Tufts of Grass

# 5 Jungle Vines

# Flit, the Dragon Fly

# Nip and Nat - 2 Buddy Bugs

# Again-Again and Repeteta - Parrots

# 4 Pairs of Peeping Eyes

# 8 Muddy Paws
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