Girly Wall Frames Appliques

Girly Wall Frames Appliques - Kids Wall Decor Store

To create a frame, remove the inner portion of the circle. Place your photo/picture behind the circle (so the edges of the picture stick to the circle). Apply to the desired surface. Here is a great new way to frame and display your favorite photos almost anywhere! Remove the center of our wall frame appliques, stick a picture behind it (so it sticks to the edges of the frame) and apply onto any smooth, clean and dry surface: walls (no need for nails, holes, unsightly tape), furniture, lockers, mirrors, refrigerators (magnets do not work on today's popular stainless steel fridges - RoomMates do!), laptop covers, book covers.... Let your imagination go wild! By the way - do not throw the centers away, they make for great additional decorative appliques too! Its fun for the office too!

* Number of Appliques: 32

* Dimensions: 4 sheets of 10" x 18"
Price: $14     Ships in: Quick Ship
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