Under the Sea Create A Wall Mural Kit

Under the Sea Create A Wall Mural Kit - Kids Wall Decor Store

Children of all ages love the Tropical Ocean. If, your child is fascinated with tropical fish, whales, dolphins, colorful seaweed, rock formations, boats and deep ocean divers then create a fabulous Ocean theme for their bedroom or playroom. The Ocean theme is a colorful and it is great for playrooms because is can accommodate both girls and boys easily. There are many deep sea murals, dophin murals and surfing murals that can make your childs room look fabulous!

# Create Your Own Underwater World Mural - Easy To Do. For application remove the pre-cut appliques and borders from the sheets. Then apply a clear wallpaper paste and create your own mural by placing the appliques on your walls.

# It will cover a horizontal design length 30 feet. This design is recommended for decorating a whole room project.

* The picture shown consists of the mural applied to a painted wall. We recommend using any ocean blue color to represent the sea. The deeper the blue the better as it gives the mural a realistic interpretation.

Specific Measurements of Individual Pieces:

* The Sand Border (F5) has two pieces that covers 6'. The border is 13" high. This determines your horizontal length.

* The Rock Formations is 34" long by 23" high.

* The various seaweed ranges from 22" to 10" high and are in vibrant colorful greens, yellows and oranges.

* The variety of fish are bright and colorful. Here are some dimensions of some the fish: the eel is 22 1/2" long, the flying fish are 10" long, the large blue/red fish is 14" by 11", six smaller fish are 5" long.

* The Large Great White is 36" long by 12" high.

* The sharks vary is size from 22", 18" to 16" long. The Octopus is 24" long by 10" high and the dophins are 22" long to 14" long.

* The Ship Hill is 36" long and 10" high and the chain is 72" long in three pieces.

* There are numerous of divers that range between 10", 9" and two are 6".

* The lost boat is 19" long and 8 high - the submarine is 15" long by 8" high
Dimensions: See Description

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