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Polar Region Create A Wall Mural - Kids Wall Decor Store

These easy peel and stick wall mural decal kits are the ultimate in do it yourself kids wall decor! Create incredible boys and girls wall murals and fantasy scenes using these high-quality self-adhesive wall sticker packages. All you need is some background paint and a little imagination!

Our engaging "Northern Lights Night Sky" peel & stick mural is wonderfully easy to transform your child's room from the ordinary everyday bedroom into an extraordinary Polar Wonderland. Use our simple Step-by-Step directions to paint the background and just peel the mural pieces off the backing and place on the wall around your child's room. You can create this Polar Mural with polar bear & penguin wall stickers in under an hour. It just doesn't get much better than this.

Iceberg Mural Wall Stickers (Print size 3' x 2') (1) Iceberg Mural Large Wall Sticker 3', (1) Iceberg 18", (8) Iceberg 12" - 8"

Penguin Mural Wall Stickers (Print size 2' x 2)' (8) Large Penguins Mural Wall Stickers 12", (4) Small Baby Penguin Mural Wall Stickers 5"

Polar Bear Mural Wall Stickers (Print size 2' x 2') (1) Daddy Polar Bear 18", (1) Momma & Cub 14", (1) Baby Polar Bear 12"

(1) Alaskan Fishing Boat 2' (1) Iceberg water hole with seal 12", (1) seal in water 10"

Northern Lights Star Wall Stickers (Print size 1' x 1') (40) Star Wall Stickers from 5" - .5"
Dimensions: Varies

Price: $180     Ships in: 2 to 3 Weeks
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