Incrediwall Day at The Park Wall Mural Sticker

Incrediwall Day at The Park Wall Mural Sticker - Kids Wall Decor Store

Incrediwalls by Incrediline are revolutionary murals that can be used with any writing instrument—dry erase markers, permanent markers, crayons, chalk…even Sharpies! Removable and repositionable, simply peel and stick to a clean dry surface, then write, erase, and repeat. It's that easy!

Not only are the themed Incrediwalls fun, but they make for vivid, colorful teaching aids - and kids will love them! Blank Incrediwalls offer a canvas of limitless possibilities—idea boards, sales charts, to-do lists, you name it! Virtually maintenance free, the unique Incrediline coating can simply be wiped clean after each use, no chemicals, erasers, special markers, or solutions needed.

Incrediwalls are durable for up to two years! Plus the graphics won't smear, fade or scratch...ever! Each design is available in six different sizes from 12" x 18" up to 48" x 120".
Dimensions: 24 x 36

Price: $36     Ships in: 1-2 weeks
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