Fairy & Fantasy Kids Art, Wall Murals, and Wall Decor

Fairies are a popular theme for girls room decor. We offer a varied selection of fairy cutouts and appliques, as well as large fairyland wall murals. The vivid and bright colors in fairy decor make it perfect for a playroom, little girls room or bath. Birthday banners, growth charts and canvas wall art round out your fairy decor.

Fairy Tale Boys

Fairy Tale Boys ($160)
Fairy Tale Girls

Fairy Tale Girls ($160)
Aqua Petal Fairy

Aqua Petal Fairy ($54)
Peri Petal Fairy

Peri Petal Fairy ($54)
Pink Petal Fairy

Pink Petal Fairy ($54)
Flower Fairy

Flower Fairy ($99)
Flying Fairy

Flying Fairy ($99)
A Fairys Child

A Fairys Child ($127)
Fairy Frock

Fairy Frock ($127)
Fairy Laundry

Fairy Laundry ($134)
Fairy Shopping

Fairy Shopping ($134)
Castle Minute Mural

Castle Minute Mural ($325)
Fairy Castle

Fairy Castle ($299)