Children's Wall Art - Kids Canvas Artwork & Prints

Browse this beautiful selection of children's wall art, featuring stretched canvas prints and giclee reproductions! There's a painting or work of art for any child's bedroom, whether it be boy or girl, no matter what the theme. From princess wall art to sports-themed canvas prints, there's wall decor to suit any kids room or playroom.


Dream ($150)
African Safari

African Safari ($260)

Explore ($139)
Fairy Tale Boys

Fairy Tale Boys ($160)
Fairy Tale Girls

Fairy Tale Girls ($160)
Butterfly Plaid

Butterfly Plaid ($54)

Arabesque ($116)
Bird Princess

Bird Princess ($119)

Carriage ($198)
Give a Dog a Bone

Give a Dog a Bone ($85)
Champions Basketball

Champions Basketball ($79)
Cruise By Car

Cruise By Car ($138)
Ladybug Polkadot

Ladybug Polkadot ($54)
Nana Monkey

Nana Monkey ($85)

Daisy ($85)
Nutty Elephant

Nutty Elephant ($85)
Fly the Skies

Fly the Skies ($138)
Octopus and Fish

Octopus and Fish ($54)
Go by Train

Go by Train ($138)
Just Dotty

Just Dotty ($132)
League Baseball

League Baseball ($79)
License Plate Plane

License Plate Plane ($218)
Whale and Crab

Whale and Crab ($54)
No Bicycles Allowed

No Bicycles Allowed ($138)
License Plate Train

License Plate Train ($218)

Pansy ($85)
Playoffs Football

Playoffs Football ($79)
Ride the Rails

Ride the Rails ($138)
Carousel Wall Mural

Carousel Wall Mural ($126)
Dinoscape Wall Mural

Dinoscape Wall Mural ($126)
Map of USA Wall Mural

Map of USA Wall Mural ($74)
Ocean World Wall Mural

Ocean World Wall Mural ($126)
Our World Wall Mural

Our World Wall Mural ($99)